Raising a Fine Young Man…

 In Love & Family, Titus Low

Every time I looked at my son, I see the future of him trying to figure out how kind of a man he will grow up to. Will his character be more like me or more like my hubby? There are endless possibilities, different combinations, I just wondered which one will it be. Will he have more of my genes or more of my hubby’s genes? At least now for a start, I see that he is more “fleshy” type, hopefully later he can run and exercise more to transform his “baby fats” to muscles. Then again, only time can tell, of course people around me will tell me soon he will grow up to a big boy.

However, every day I still wonder when he will take the next big step, the next big milestone and wonder what new things can he find joy in? Little things can be so fascinating to him. We will be travelling next week to Taiwan, another big step for him to take his first aeroplane. Hopefully he can manage well and enjoy the whole trip, to be able to eat and sleep well too.

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