Felicia Tan

Author, Speaker, Fulfilment Coach


I started this blog with the intention of sharing my baby journey way back in 2007. However, along the way, I had miscarriaged twice, lost 3 angel baby boys (2nd pregnancy being a twin) and gone on to publish 3 books – To Baby With Love, Lost And Found, A Gift From Heaven, with the latest book about my newborn. Also, on this journey, I found my new faith, accepted Christ, and God showed me that He has a way for me! So now I had my rainbow baby named Titus Low conceived naturally after 10 years of marriage! YEAH!!

I believe in “When there is a Will, there is a Way”. That’s why I believe that, as long as we tried hard enough, success is within our hands unless you did not do your best. However, life took a twist and caught me unprepared…

Going back to where my original intention was, I am documenting my baby’s journey, enjoying and appreciating the little steps taken to his growth and milestone. Though it will never be an easy path on this motherhood journey, however with God guiding in my life, I know I am in good hands.

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