Baby’s Talk 1

 In Titus Low

24th February

Small Aunt (SA) came and they are reading a book..
SA: 这是青蛙英文我不会叫
BB: Frog
Haha 🙂

27th February

SA: Baby school 好不好
BB: 好
SA: 要不要去school?
BB: (Shake Head)

25 March

SA: 要不要去找Chloe?
BB: 不要
SA: 要不要去找Nicole?
BB: 不要
SA: 要不要去找老姨?
BB: 要
Haha 🙂

31st March

Me: Darling明天要不要去bird park?
BB: 不要
Me: 明天去看penguin要不要?
BB: 要
Apparently he doesn’t know penguin is in the Bird Park. :p

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