Creative Thinking

 In Motherhood, Titus Low

Being a parent definitely required a lot of creative thinking or even flexible methods to deal with your little one. Few weeks back, he was down with fever running as high as 39.5 degrees. So we wanted to sponge him but he kept on crying and refused to let us do it. We tried all ways to coax him into it but still he refused.. Finally I thought of a way, I placed a pail of ice water in the toilet and put his water toys in it to let him play. It worked! He was willing to dip his hands into the water despite the coldness just to play his toys. After a while, he got bored, so we had to change other games.

So we went to the corridor with ice again, this time is to let him hold the ice cubes and draw on the floor and to see how it melted… He was curious to see how the ice melted and become smaller and smaller. So he tried to pick up up several times till it got too small to do so. He started to explore the ice by throwing it around, wiping it against the wall and etc. Irregardless we were glad that it helped bring down his fever and he had a good time while enjoying the activities…

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