Titus @ 18 months

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He is officially 18 months, a toddler? Thought he is still a baby in my heart. Since time has come and passed, he had grown from a 2kgs baby to now 10kgs, my MIL always commented that he is now the weight of a pack of rice. Well, I take it as a compliment that he is growing up well and healthy. Thought there are times where I feel inadequate but I am glad that I am doing just fine and it is just part and parcel of being a mum.

First time he is allowing both my parents to hold his hands to go out which make my parents very happy.

Lunch Outing with my Parents

Birthday Lunch with us and he demanded his meal too. :p

Birthday Lunch

Nice pose with nice background.

Nice pose

While waiting for Daddy to knock off, I walked around…

Running around

Out with Mummy again.

Going out

Dinner with Family as we shopped around in NTUC.


Out alone with Mummy and not forgetting Selfie.

Selfie with Mummy

Acting cute, hmm, I am cute ma…

Acting cute

I am a cow, moo, moo.

Cow Suit

Playing with sand while Daddy played volleyball.

Playing with sand

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