Baby’s Talk 2

 In Titus Low

Often children is our biggest motivation and why we do what we do.. Glad to be with him daily to hear all the little conversations going on…

7th June
Helper: 你喜不喜欢老姨?
BB: 喜欢
He like because she won’t force him to take medicine after several days of Influenza… Sigh!

9th June
BB: Mummy 我爱你
Whoa, 甜到。。。

14th July
Me: Darling, Chloe 是不是你的girl friend?
BB: 是
Me: Darling, Nicole 是不是你的 girl friend?
BB: 不是
Me: 谁比较没美
BB: Chloe

22nd July
Me: 宝贝你换pamper, mummy 给你1 pocky个好吗?
BB: 要两个

27th July
At the clinic
Me: Baby 你坏蛋妈咪拿藤条打你呀
BB: Mummy 这里没有藤条

28th August
Me: BB 有钱要买什么东西?
BB: 要买happy birthday ?给mummy
Me: 为什么买给mummy?
BB: 因为nice
Whoa.. ??

21st September
BB: Mummy mummy mummy..
Me: yes 宝贝宝贝宝贝?

16th October
Me: Darling 你越来越像爸爸
BB: Shake head
Me: 这样你相谁?
BB: 我?

5th December
Me: 爸爸拿 half day 回来陪你好不好?
BB: 我喜欢.
Sweet leh.. ??

15th December
Me: BB gave me $2 to buy my present, gave u $1 to buy yours.. and he used $1 to buy his own present too.. ??

15th January
BB: Mummy不用帮我弄头发。我是boy不是girl.. ?
Me: Mummy 帮你梳头发

16th January
BB: 为什么有狗在这里 (statue at the front of AMK Hub)
Me: 因为今年是狗年
BB: 我不要。我要?
Me: 等你12岁就有?了
BB: 我要现在

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