Millionaire Investor Program (MIP 36)

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Just attended the Millionaire Investor Program (MIP) last weekend. I must say I definitely enjoyed it and now has more confidence if I am to invest now than before. Having said that, I will go through the process soon to review what is being taught and applied on it. I strongly encourage those who are keen in Value Investing to go for it. 🙂

1 of the speaker and the creator himself, Ken Chee.

Ken Chee

Ken Chee and me…

Ken Chee and me

Oh, by the way, did I mention, our team won 4th for a game of $1700.00 CASH, that is about $242.00 per person. 🙂



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  • evin

    Hi. I attended the MIP workshop preview and am considering whether to attend the 3 days program. The fee is quite high thus I am concern whether the content really worth the money. Try to google online and found both positive and negative review. May I seek for your kind comment and advice on the program? DO you gain benefit from the course and are you practicing the value investing now? Looking forward your kind reply and thanks.

  • Felicia

    Hi, thanks for connecting. First of all, I am not a investor kind of person, so after the course, I gain enough courage to take the first step again. Why I say again is because, I had some trade option given by my previous company. So that is my only experience to date back then.

    From the course, you will gain in depth knowledge of how to understand a company, their management, their USP to know if a company is worth investing or not. Such that, it is a really a case that you can invest and sleep well even if economy is bad. Of course, no pain no gain, the course is not easy to go through as well, a lot of technical terms to learn and understand.

    Some people at the end of the day just took the easy way out and follow whatever 8I invests on and follow accordingly. Some people add the knowledge to spread their portfolio. So it really depends what appetite you have and how much knowledge you have gained to invest as per your comfort level.

  • hello

    Hi some question. during the course do they introduce stock screener from their company and require a subscription? Or does their strategy require any service provided by them?

    • Felicia Tan

      Basically, what they teaches you is the fundamental and how you can apply to choosing your stocks without any system or software. However, you can also use the software (Not by their company) to help you filter with skill sets that you learnt to apply on.

  • Raymond Peng

    How is your application with the knowledge after half a year? Do you still recommend to attend the course for others?

    • Felicia Tan

      Yes, I will still recommend it for people who wants to invest and don’t know how to start or have a keen interest in value investing.

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