If you have come to see this page, chances are you probably have miscarried and sad to say nothing can really helped you get over with the grief. The truth is neither of us are being trained or even prepared for it. So the question of why me, what had happen, did I overlook any sign will be running through your head constantly, then again, the truth is also, you might never know the real cause for it. So what can we do about it?

It will come to a point where you are ready to accept it like it or not, you will and make a decision to get on with life. This doesn’t mean you will forget about it or stop talking about it. It simply means you can move on to the next stage of life. Regardless it is to try to conceive again or to start a new hobby and etc.

I have started Art Of Life (AOL) with the purpose to empower miscarried women to find the sparkle back in their life again! However, I have also setup the group – Consciously Pregnant (CP), where ladies who experienced similar situations can come together and support each other in moving forward to try to conceive again.

Having gone through double the heartache after suffering from 2 miscarriages, I know walking out of this dark times alone can be arduous and suffocating.

In Consciously Pregnant, we encourage you to share your challenges either in trying to conceive or trying to hold your pregnant. By sharing, you realise that there are people who are going through or had gone through what you are experiencing. I will also be sharing my personal experiences and what I have done to walk out of my lonely path.

Likewise, we seek to empower you and possibly get the necessary help needed as well.

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