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Every time in a year, there will be various seasons where promotions, sales and discounts are all over the place. Whenever there is a holiday, Mother’s Day, Hari Raya or Christmas. Retailers jumped at every opportunity to promote their products and services. Of course, we as consumers welcome it and never miss a chance to give ourselves a good reason to go shopping. Even myself, I like to go shopping once a while even when there isn’t any sales or etc just to check out the latest trend, the latest design.

Now that I am in confinement, that doesn’t mean no shopping for me. I think for most mums, they will agree, they do even more buying but this time is via online portals. Also, mainly for their new born babies or any necessarities that they need on a daily basis. Even I am not spared, despite I am not the type who really buy online, still some items are already missing on the shelves so I just have to grab them online. I think the most agonising part on online buying is the wait for the items to arrive, the antipation, despite we can track the items, still we are just anxious as to when it actually arrived. Also making sure what we order is what we get too, the right items, size and colour.


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