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It is the event of the year again – F1 Singapore. Every year, people fly in to watch the race, chill and enjoy the nights together with family or friends. Indeed, it is always exciting to see the formula 1 cars zoomed passed right in front of you. In a split second, every one is gone. It has been a few years now when it first started. Still they have different attractions, different highlights to draw the crowds. Neither is it easy to run such a large scale event, taking care of the audience from all walks of life and with such efficiency. For this, I am proud to be a Singaporean.

Every year, the event brought in large number of tourists coming in booking all the hotels bringing in sales for the tourism industry. It is solely a service industry where people serve and to keep the tourists entertain. Likewise, they also travel around while here in Singapore spending money to further boost the economy. It is a busy week that come and goes fast just like the formula 1 cars. Still it is worth it at the end of the day where everyone makes their sales and rest for the next year season to come.

For me, I always like to visit the booth to buy some souvenirs, despite I maybe wearing once or twice for the occasion but still I just like to look at them and buy it.

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