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If you ask me what is Havaianas previously, I will have no idea, however, taking a look at their website, I will say I properly know a thing or 2. They produced flip flops, in fact I have been wearing them since young and even till now. Of course, the flip flops back then was simpler only in fabric strip. Now with Havaianas, we are spoilt with the variety, from beaded flip flop to the different fun soles that you can find. I bet you can definitely find one that you like. Nowadays with all the online shops available in the market, buying anything online has make it so easy. Just a click of the mouse, find what you like and pay for it. Then you are just counting down to the days when the delivery reached you, how convenient. Well here is another link for you to make your buying of Havaianas flip flops easier for you too. Enjoy!

Taking a quick look into their flip flops, I spotted a few that I like. First one obviously is a blue colour one, I am a crazy lover for anything blue, so obviously my first pick. The second one interested me because it reminds me of my company colour. Sometimes, I like to match some of my items with company colour such that I can portray that image as well. Lastly, not forgetting a more neutral colour to match easily with other clothings and etc. Oh, I am in shopping mood now! 🙂

Zalora - Flip Flops

View Havaianas flip flops online now!

Zalora - Havaianas Flip Flops

(Credit to zalora.sg)

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