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Being woman, I am sure you love bags. All kinds of different styles and colour bags to match our outfit. So do I. I have different bags varying from work, casual to outdoor, sports bags. We match from top to toes leaving nothing out. It is always a joy when we first brought our new clothing either the blouse or dress and it started the whole process. We will find the handbags to match, the wallet and sometimes I even match the coin pouch.

We never find it troublesome to do it but another good excuse to do more shopping. Now with online shopping it is even more convenient and easier to do more shopping. Now the brands that we like but are not being carried in Singapore retail market. We can still find them online from different countries or sources. Not only that, at the clicks of the mouse, we waited anxiously for the parcel to arrive and unpack our parcel. Though we knew what we bought but it is always exciting to see which parcel arrive first and to see our prized procession.

Herschel Bags

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