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We all know what does 24/7 means? However, can you see the importance about it? We can have all the differences between a guy and gal, background upbringing, skin colours, education background and etc. However, we all have a same thing in common, that is 24 hours, 7 days a week. No one has it more, no one has it lesser. Everyone is equal in the amount of time, however, it is the difference on how we used the time that produced a different outcome. What makes a rich guy rich and a poor guy poor does not necessary depends on their education background or the financial status. The clue is how they used their time differently. Of course, I am not talking about those who were born with a silver spoon or some with prior advantage, but we have all heard about how a poor guy bearing bad debts from his family rose from rags to riches. How did they do it? Their families obviously can’t help them financially, let alone to talk about the network.

Of course besides the timing, there are other factors such as preserverence, determination, hard work, the right attitude to excel. To excel in the areas that we wanted for our own life, we need to look at how we spend our time on. Many times, we realise we are spending the most time on things that are of the least priority and the least time on the things that we cared for. Sad to say, we blame it on our life, our family that burden us down, never on ourselves.

Quite interestingly, I woke up with this in my head and I came across this video clip on my email. Coincidence? Have a good wweekend ahead… 🙂



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