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There are a lot of sports brand out there for gym wear. As I was searching for gym wear some time back. I was happy to find the Nike women’s collections. As it all comes with a set, it solved the problem of matching it ourselves. Also, you can get to choose the colour combination that you want.

I bought a set to try it out during my gym training and was pleased with it. Giving myself an excuse I can’t be wearing the same set every week, I bought another set soon. :p

Well, when it comes to shopping, we ladies sure have a lot of excuses right. I was also glad that it absorbs sweat relatively well and is easily washable. Also over the years, they have evolved a lot creating different series with little details catering to our needs. It is always hard to resist once when you step into their boutique.

Also, it is nice to know following the trend to keep healthy lifestyle, Nike held running marathon. Despite a lot of companies had come up with their own version of their marathon. It is still a majestic view to see all the runners wearing the same attire running down the road.

Nike Women

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