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MasterCard was renamed in 1979 and ever since then, it had grown tremendously. Personally, I prefer this than others, I just like the logo and the world map that tags along with it. From young, I am always fascinated by world map, either ancient or modern ones. So when I grew older and am able to apply my credit card, MasterCard is definitely the choice. Over the years, it had served me well too giving me the much desired discounts.

Now there is an even better reason to shop using MasterCard, there is an EXTRA 10% using this card in Zalora. Extra 10%, who is not tempted, as long as it is discount, I think we will go all out to get it. I am included too. I always remember how I look for different friends to get that extra discount using a particular credit card especially in musical or concert where tickets are expensive.

Likewise, when it comes to shopping as well. If it means we can have the membership card to get that discounts, I will do so. In fact, it come a point where I have so many membership cards that I just can’t remember which one I do own or don’t. Also, in today technology, we can now go online for our shopping spree. It just makes it easier as well for us to make our purchases via credit cards. In fact online shopping has advanced so much that we can buy anything in the world even when Singapore don’t carry them. Or if it means that it is cheaper buy online than going to a physical store.

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