Titus has Influenza!

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Just when you thought you know it all, something hit you again and each time it is harder than the one before! My son has been nursing a fever since Monday, and by night time, it went up to 39 degrees so by Tuesday, we waste no time to send him to see a pediatrician. We were given the usual cough, sore throat and came back home. In fact, he got better on Wednesday, who knows by night fall, his fever shoot up again, this time even to 40 degrees!

In my mind, I was thinking fast, we are just this close to rush him to KK Hospital already. As he had already took panadol, ibuofen and yet the fever didn’t go down. Luckily, his temperature did go down eventually and we were able to rest for the night. Come thursday I was thinking to get some antibiotics to prepare in case he still didn’t get well over weekend however, the pediatrician told us to come in to check for Flu A or B instead. The worst was it came in positive with Type A! That also explains why the unusual high fever and why it didn’t go away after 3 days still. Sigh…

I guess I still have to bite the bullet and hang in there…

We finally manage to get him to stick the cooling pad and that was because he had just vomitted and was scared. So my helper told him, he need to stick the pad to make it stop…

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