Stomach Flu This Time…

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Second time in a month that Titus was sick, I started to question myself. Did I do anything wrong, did I miss anything? It definitely shook my confidence level a little, how can I prevent this, why can’t I protect my child? The pediatrician said is likely that he got caught in the childcare which reminded me that he was still on pacifier. I knew since day 1 if he is still on pacifier when he stepped into the childcare, he will be open to all sorts of illness or diseases. It was just that months had gone passed, I forgot about it and thought everything is ok to know yet another illness pop up.

At the back of my mind, I recalled that I don’t have any medicine for anti vomit which explained why I had to bring him to see a pediatrician so as to get that since weekend is just round the corner… Back home, he became cranky, irritable and insisted on his way or shout and scream through. I kept wondering what had gone wrong. It started on Thursday night when he vomited while sleeping and woke up crying hysterically. On Friday morning, he vomit again. Fast forward sun, we had a glimpse of light when he said that he wanted to go out and his fever had gone down.

We budged, but he quickly went downhill again when his fever spiked at 39 degrees in the night. The following Monday, we took him to pediatrician again to re-assess in case of any need to change medication and etc. His fever continued to go up and down over the next few days, we were worried as coming Friday is his birthday! Tuesday came, I called the clinic in the morning to take antibiotics as a precaution. I called my hubby when I was on the way to clinic wondering should we really give in and give him the antibiotics…

Back home, I looked at Titus, he was all happy and bubbly when he saw me. I looked at him, grabbed hold of his hands and said, “Titus, by tonight you will be well, ok?”. His reply? He said, “Ok!”. Amen to that and I put my trust in God that by that night all will go well and he don’t need the antibiotics the next day. Suddenly there was a peace of mind in my heart, that night I took my time to do Time Alone with God (TAWG), slept with Titus to make sure his fever doesn’t spike up in the night.

At about 1am on Wednesday morning, he took his fever medicine, I looked at the clock and didn’t think much about it before falling back into sleep. Then came morning, no sign of fever. We checked every 1 to 2 hours or so, no sign of fever. He did went to 37.5 degrees once but it seems that his body is gaining control and resisted it and went down again back to normal. We rejoiced, finally it was all over and well. Not to mention his appetite quickly came back too, he ordered noodles and on Thursday asked for marconi too. :p

So today is Friday and praise God that we are going to bring him out to celebrate his birthday!! Yeah! 🙂

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