Growing Up…

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Growing up days for Titus has been somewhat normal though challenging. As he grew older, he talked more, asked more questions, and started to verbalise what he wanted and of course mainly, “No”, to put his point across… There are times where he held my face with his 2 little hands to make sure I am looking straight into his eyes, where he carefully put his message across to make sure I understand. And if I rejected his request, he threw his hands in desperation and ran to his grandma, another chance to work on his request again. However, he soon realise it doesn’t work as well, at best, grandma can only offer him a snack or two.

Anyway, now he can ask me where are we going, what are we doing and etc.

Happily showing off his completed artwork – Sand Art, his latest passion…

When we said we needed to change his car seat, he said he wanted a green car seat, I thought it was mission impossible. Who knows, we really found 1 and he loved it. 🙂

Let Daddy crawled in front while I take photograph first, how do I look? :p

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