Titus got HFMD!!

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We brought Titus to see a doctor last sat night since he was having high fever. Thought I suspect it was HFMD, I still hope it was otherwise. However, a quick check from the doctor confirmed it. For a brief moment, I felt like bursting out in tears. I quickly recompose myself and sat down instead. I guessed the doctor saw my concern look and went on to explain the condition and what to do or not do. Then again, the consolation was he said Titus had the milder version, which means he had lesser of the symptoms but higher fever instead. Then again, that didn’t really prepare us for the really bad mood that he will have. As he was upset for the whole morning, despite he was hungry and wanted to eat. He realised the pain in his mouth and you see the fear in him..

I quickly recall a parent who said this before, as parent, our role is to protect and provide. However, did we fail to protect when they fall ill or things fall out of our expectation? I think we are quick to judge and lay blame. We are also quick to blame ourselves too. At times, I guess we need to let go…

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