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Like all mummys out there, I finally got my complete set of the Ju Ju Be collection. Mine was the Space Place with Be Prepared, Fuel Cell and the Card Holder. With just 1 baby, I also don’t know why is there so many things to carry, so many items required for backup and etc. Therefore the things to bring get more and more and the bag get bigger and bigger.

I have always been searching for a collection for the longest time, partially is because 1 of the items is always missing to make it complete. In fact, I first bought the Card Holder and was very happy with it that I decided to buy the Fuel Cell. However, most online shops are already out of stock till I found it via Carousell. Last to add on the list is the Be Prepared bag and it arrived yesterday just in time for me to go out with it. Now I can finally rest my case and enjoy it for the time being. 🙂


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