Morning Prayer 2014 – Day 3

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I attended this morning prayer meeting despite I didn’t have the intention to do so initially. However, I saw the verse that was quoted on mon, day 1 and it made me decide to go today. Thanks for my 2 leaders in my Carecell group for posting a link from someone’s blog post. In fact I felt that they were literally in syn (唱双黄) despite they didn’t arrange it as such. I believe it is all God’s arrangement.

Morning Prayer 2014

1 Kings 17:7
7 Some time later the brook dried up because there had been no rain in the land.

Immediately, I saw this verse I felt the familarity as I remember our senior pastor had shared before. True enough as I searched throught my past notes. I realised he shared before in april this year. Friends who know me will know my memory is “limited”, and I am very forgetful. I can’t even remember what I wore or ate last week, let’s alone what happened in april. So I felt God speaking to me. Also for past few weeks, I have been praying to God to help me in my work situations, to create a breakthrough. I was getting desperate, as you see, a good job well done is not well rewarded, instead there is no payment at all. How can I be happy? I was sad but am also glad that it happened now when I am able to handle it well rather than should it happen a few years back. I think the outcome will be far more undesirable.

Anyway, I came hoping that God will speak to me despite I knew that our pastor is unlikely to quote the same verse again. However, he did!

In a fasmine, there is always food in the house of God. How nice is that? Our senior pastor did a quick recap on the past 2 days.

1 Kings 17:7 – Day 1
Reasons why our personal brooks dry up.

  • Sin – but we must turn in repentance
  • The bad decisions we make – but we can choose to yield to the Spirit
  • A time of testing – but we can refined as gold
  • An ordination of God – but we can have faith to see the greater things of God

So what should we do in face of such situation? It is to increase the capacity of faith. There is a word of God in every adversity. Be STILL and know you are God.

God will always reveal to you in time to come. God has something greater!

1 Kings 17:8 – Day 2
– Posture

  • Being still and know
  • Faith and Positivity
  • Faith – Quiet Confidence

– Proximity

  • Abide in Him and His Word

Day 1 – 1 Kings 17: 7 (The dry brook)
Day 2 – 1 Kings 17: 8 (Hearing from God)
Day 3 – 1 Kings 17: 9 (Strange Arrangement)

1 Kings 17:9 – Day 3
Today verse is 1 Kings 17:9 which gave me the answer. How amazing…

Challenge Elijah

– To find a widow for food (Because they are the second lowest in the food chain after the leprosy people)
– To go to the place of danger, Zarephath (It is the hometown of the queen where she killed the prophets)

Why is this so?

  • So that there is a greater purpose in our life.
  • So that we do something in our life.

Finally, the words of God releases the blessing.

Strange Arrangement
– Alignment for Assignment

  • At our workplace in ministry
  • Believe that God has something greater for our lives

– Arise to faith and obedience

  • So that we can continue to grow and align to Him
  • To fulfill greater purposes of God

So, I was blessed with this morning prayer and hope you did too. Finally, now that I am spiritually fed, I need to be physically fed too. 😛


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