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I had the chance to attend this from a friend’s recommendation on 28th October 2014. I heard about John C. Maxwell a lot but didn’t manage to know more about him. I was glad I was able to. He is a humorous guy, during his talk despite he did try to promote his books. However, I think is a more subtle and fun way that I can accept. Likewise, his talk was about “Good Leaders ask Great Questions”. Most people will think nothing much about it, however after hearing him. I realise why the importance. He mentioned in all seminars that we attend, a few things are necessary to see the change and growth.

A – Apply
C – Change
T – Teach

In short, it is to act on it, else nothing will happen. Also some values that he mentioned about asking great questions…

Value 1
You only get answers to the questions that you ask.

Value 2
The most effective way to connect with a person is to ask questions.

Value 3
Questions unlock door where otherwise remains closed. (Don’t give up! You are just a question away)

Value 4
Call to build humanity.

Value 5
Questions allows us to direct the conversation.
Q1 -> Wisdom
Q2 -> Passion
Q3 -> Failure (Attitude)
Q4 -> Who did you know that I should know (Will you help me meet them?)
Q5 -> What have you read that I should read (Personal Growth)
Q6 -> What have you done that I should do
Q7 -> What can I add value to you (Gratitude) Questions allow us to build better ideas

Value 7
Questions give us different perspectives.

Value 8
Questions challenge mindset -> Preset.

Value 9
Questions sets us apart from others.

P.S I don’t have typo error but I did miss the Value 6.

L2 Event

L2 Event

Event Booklet

L2 Event

Not forgetting my Certificate of Participation


Oh did I mention, the event is live and simulcast concurrently at 300 venues across different countries.


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