Titus @ 9 months

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Bravo! Now I can say how time flies. He just passed his hearing test yesterday. How’s challenging. Sitting there with Titus on my lap and can’t help or guide him to respond to the sound. Oh man, lucky, he reacted normally. Phew! Also surpringly, when the nurse asked to let him stand and used his hands to hold on, he can actually do it though was only for a few seconds but the fact is he can stand. I think as first time parents, we are just too scared to let go.

Feeling crabby…

Feeling crabby

I want to be carried

Carry Titus

See how much I have grown 🙂

Titus growing

Rare picture where mummy caught me smiling on camera

Smiling Titus

First ride, hehe :p

Titus' First Ride

Both boys with their favourite soft toys. Hopefully they can grow up together and have a close bond.


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