Titus @ 10 months

 In Titus Low

Yeah! He had 4 teeth as of now so he is no longer 无牙之人. He had been chewing a lot due to his teething so we are just looking out when the little tooth will pop out. Lucky not much bad symptoms except for some cold and cough.

Daddy says no “RA” photo so this is the best that I can go. :p

RA Titus

Mummy is trying to create the dreamy scenario of what she had seen over the internet.

Dreamy 1

Another try at it, is this better?

Dreamy 2

I don’t want to finish my milk but play so mummy took this picture of me being mischievous…


Clearly, you can see who is the 小少爷 here…


My new Mercedes-Benz from Yeye…


Can you see my 4 teeth?

4 Teeth

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