Titus @ 13 months

 In Titus Low

Whoa, before I knew it, he was already 13 months old. In fact, the day I held my event was when he was 13 months old exactly, so amazing. Now he is crawling and still learning to walk. I was wondering when is he going to walk officially, I am just waiting for the moment to be capture. Well, I guess, I just have to be patience.

Now he is all cheerful and bubbly. He knew to “fake” his cries just so to get what he wants. He knew to shout for our attention. He knew when we are going out when he see we are all dressed up.

Playing around at IKEA.

Playing around at IKEA

Examine his things while we sorted them out…


Yeah! Mummy brings me out to take bus.

Titus @ Bus Stop

The number of soft toys he had and almost half of them are gifts. So bless!

Titus's Soft Toys

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