Thunder & Lighting

 In Titus Low

I realise I have a new found fear for thunder and lighting. Not because I am really scared of it but rather because of my baby. It always struck when he was asleep which explained why and woke him up abruptly. This morning about 12.30am or so I hear the first few strikes of thunder, as I made my way to his bedroom, I saw lighting flashed. I quicken my paces and hope that he won’t get frighten by it. Thanksfully my maid was already awoke and sitting besides him watching over and covering his ears. So for the next 30 minutes or so, both of us were just sitting besides him while waiting for the thunders striked 1 after another.

Finally, both of us just slept besides him watching over as the wind was strong and to dress him with long sleeves on top of what he was wearing and keeping him warm. So tiring but happy. 🙂

Thunder & Lighting

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