Till Death do us apart…

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Reader's DigestThings have a strange way of revealing themselves and at a specific timing. Why do I say that? I have read this article over Facebook that mention about premature baby surviving miraculously despite doctors have already given up hope. What happened was that, the mum just cuddled the baby on her chest all throughout and somehow the baby turned for the better and survived instead.

Today, I came across a similar article again from a magazine that I never used to read. According to the article, it is called “kangaroo mother care” to boost baby survival rate by placing the baby on the mother’s skin. I knew this was my biggest regret, I didn’t do so. Couldn’t hold back, I cried after reading it. I got my hubby to read the article and he understood what I was trying to tell him. However, he told me that we indeed held him all the way till death do us apart. We didn’t leave Dominic alone. I was relief to hear that, he said he remember every detail and I believe in him. Among the 2 of us, he is the one with the better memory.

Quite coincidentally, today is Dominic’s EDD, did he choose today to tell me that he wasn’t alone. To tell me to move on and to give me an answer to what I thought is my biggest regret? I know you are watching over us, good boy and farewell…

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