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To Baby With Love is my first book and how it all started everything to where I am today. As I looked back, I always wonder how things would have be if I didn’t write my first book. This book is literally written in 3 days. Yes, you heard me, 3 days, however the last chapter was written in about 1 month. Why? The main focus on the book is really about my anticipation for a baby where I finally got pregnant only to end up with a miscarriage. So I took a month, to recuperate and reorganise my thoughts, and also while I was doing my confinement as well.

Therefore why do I want to do a translation for chinese version? To reach out to more people, there are more people than I thought there were, as I see more people, I realise more people had suffered this in silence. Likewise at the back of the book is to provide some form of a listing or directory to provide an avenue to help people to empower themselves to get on the route of healing.

So in conclusion, if this resonate with you or if you are kind enough to help me on this initiative, I will be most thankful for you to help me spread love to other people. Thanks!


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  • Eunice Li Dan Yue

    Hi Felicia,

    I would be happy to do the Chinese translation of the book for you, as my first degree in Hong Kong was in Translation and Interpretation.

  • Felicia

    Whoa, I am so happy and thrilled! This is what happened when you put out to the universe, it will responded. Yeah!! 🙂

  • Joan Swee

    Felicia, I just wanna affirm what a generous spirit and compassion heart you have .. your opening up your life to others is such a beautiful offering of grace, hope and love!

    So pleased to have met you and getting to know you more!


  • Felicia Tan

    Whoa, thanks Joan. It is my pleasure and honour to know you… 🙂

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