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Finally, the book arrived, though it felt so long… I am happy that all went well. With this brings a closure to a chapter in my life, looking forward to another brand new chapter to start again soon. Still not forgetting to give some attention to sell more books and hopefully it can helped others. For those who have read it, please leave your comments or feedback here about the book. Hope you enjoy reading…

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Book Arrival

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  • Pannie Tang

    Firstly, thank you for sharing your journey. I have not experienced what you have gone through, but I feel that no one should have to go through it. I had tears in my eyes at one point and just kept shaking my head in disbelief!

    I think you had analyzed every aspect of this experience, spiritually, mentally and physically. Not only had you fallen down, really low. The fact that you picked up the pieces and grew even stronger and more determined is admirable!! I have utmost respect for both you and your hubby.

    We can’t control everything; but everything that you could, you already did. Leave it to the big Guy above. I think he has big plans for you. Dominic is in a better place and he will always be with you. All I can say is, DON’T GIVE UP. You are a go-getter type of person. so, DON’T GIVE UP.

    The book is very inspiring. It puts life in perspective.

    Today is your sister’s wedding day. Congratulations to her. During this journey, I’m glad that your family and his family supported you. You are surrounded with so much love.

    Take care and do keep in touch. And I mean that.


  • Emily Lim

    I wanted to call you when you broke the news to me. Since you didn’t reply my email, I would guess you were too devestated. Many relatives & friends would have call or visit you. All you need was to be alone & sort things out.

    I finished the book till 2am last night. Now like a panda.

    After reading this book I went back to your blog to see your son once again (cos the picture in the book is too dark). Actually since you broke the news, whenever I go into your blog I always feel sad & blessed (eyes wet). Maybe because I just had Isaac not long & being a mother. Sad for you to go through the pain of IUI & IVF (didn’t know you had to go through these) & the lost of son. Blessed that I had a good boy who is easy to take care with, smile & laugh alot. Though I had a long and difficult labour that went through 15 hours both natural & c-section. Isaac named by my mum as she is a staunch Catholic. For her Isaac means son of Abraham, one of the leader. To me means the laughter if you check website. The more I know your story the more I appreciate I have Isaac. I had many dreams last night after reading your book. About you, your baby & my Isaac. Would I lose Isaac during labour or now? Will I be as strong as you?……. I don’t know. All I know whenever I wake up dreamly in the morning all I see Isaac smiling to me I can’t complain. I will hold him tightly.

    Thank you for sharing. You will be a good mother. Whatever pain of injections you have to go through is worth it. As the chinese song….



  • Huimin

    I’m proud of your wholehearted spirit; admire your hubby courage; celebrate the true sisterhood; touches by fatherly love: hail to your mother; envious the unconditional support of friends & relatives: last but not least, amazed by the everlasting chain of loves brought by Dominic 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your story, my dear friend

    Best wishes to your sister & her husband!

  • Elphine Chia

    Thanks for sharing your journey through ‘To Baby With Love’.

    It took me 3 hours to finish reading the book, I started reading it around 9pm in the office last evening, the time spent include my travelleing time from office to home, having dinner and spending sometime with my children before I continue reading it till 12 midnight.

    Guess that anyone who started reading the book would want to continue till the end, reason being, humans are full of curiosity, they would want know what happen next and next….. and your book has created this kind of feeling.

    While reading the journey you have gone through, my tears drop and heartbreak. I can imagine how you feel while writing this book, it’s not easy but you have made it. Guess your willingness and courage to share and your determination to complete the book drew from the strength of Dominic. Though he cannot be with you but I believe he has given you the inner strength to move on with your life to the next level. Now, you know how strong you are as most people will choose to be by themselves, standstill or live negatively with this kind of encounter. But you have chosen to be otherwise. Well done!

    I hope to read your next book next year with the different path of journey you will be going through with your little princess or prince or maybe twin. 🙂

    Stay strong, we will be here to support you, always 🙂

  • Daphne Neo

    I’ve spent 2 hours reading your book. It is indeed very very hurt and heart pain book. I almost cried but hold my tears strongly cos I’m at my mum house. You are really a strong person to me. I remember I cried during my confinement too due to in law issue. But now I realise my issue is nothing compare to your lost and grieve over your son. Felicia no matter how strong we are, we are woman. We still need support from family, friends and especially hubby. But you did it all. I’m happy that you are looking forward to a new beginning. And from your words of encouragement I should also not think of my menses delay cos I am also impatient woman of wanting a second baby. For my case I pray hard that my menses will come soon after delay for 3 months and as much as you, I wanted to try for second baby.

    Dominic will be blessed in heaven and he know everyone love him, look on the positive side that he will ask his brother or sister to come to your life and take care of you. So let both of us continue to try. We never know one day we will be pregnant again. It’s just a matter of time. Some take 10 years to pregnant while some are lucky. You never know so continue to try. Jiayou and we look forward to attend your second child baby shower. 🙂 Must be happy. The child is forever in our heart but I believe Dominic want to tell you this, “Mummy be strong though I’m gone our hearts stick together and you will never be alone even you grow old. I’m sorry that I cannnot be with you in life but my sister or brother will sure come and protect you. I will always watch you from heaven that you are ok. I love you mummy.” Every child will love their parents. Remember you have our support too and we loved you as friends too. I will share this book with my friend. Continue to be strong and positive. I may not be a good advisor but all words is from my heart dedicated to you after reading this book. Stay healthy and may god blessed you with a second baby soon.

  • Azizah Nawi

    I have finished reading your book. I was emotionally sad. I wish you all the best for you this coming year. Good luck for this year, may your wishes come true. Dont give up hope, keep trying!

  • Vincent Thong

    After read this book, I believe Kay Meng will be very proud to have both of you as his parents. He is the eldest son of the Low’s family and will be missed by my family and believe most of your friends.

    In life, we can’t control many things but there is one thing we can control – To cherish the loves given by all around us. Glad for this book as it gives me the assurance- My friends are moving on positively. I strongly believe and waiting to send my heartfelt wishes to you soonest.

    Last but not least – Both of you are great parents with strong determination to believe what is right and should be.

    May it help that my family are thinking of you and share your feeling at all times.

  • Lily Toh

    Dear Felicia,

    After reading this book, this is a sad and touching story which reminds me of the process of IVF that I had went through 2 years back too and the hope and unsuccessful process too. It is a tough and sad journey for the process from the IVF to conceiving till the losses of the baby, Dominic that you had gone through. I really admired your courage and determination to write out this book as a memories in your heart forever. A good and encouraging book for woman who are trying for babies and not successful in their process of IVF like me too. Wishes you all the best for the sales of this book.

    Thank you for sharing with me.

    Lily Toh

  • Hai Tao


  • Poh Leng

    Hi Felicia,

    Thought it would be better to use personal email to send you this. Actually I wanted to send you this after we have completed all works with you but since you asked the other time…

    I am not an avid reader but I have always loved short stories, true life stories, something close to our hearts. I read the book the same day you passed to me; I finished it during my bus journey home. My heart grew heavier as I read on; it was a small book yet it must have weighed tonnes. It was heavy with emotions -anxiety, happiness, sadness, feelings of hope and loss, so much like a roller coaster ride. No words of consolation would ever be good enough but I must say that you are very lucky to have a loving and supporting husband as well as a closed knitted family who were always with you whenever needed.

    At hind sight, I realized that we had caught you during a very difficult period last Aug/Sep ’11. It was only after reading the book that bits and pieces came into place. I couldn’t explain the feeling I had when I first met you but it was a strange feeling. At that time, you looked as though there were mountain full of concerns in your mind and perhaps it was also a bit of that ‘slower movements’ that you mentioned in your book. It felt strange to me… the aura surrounding you. Now everything seems to fall into place, after knowing what had happened.

    You must have heard these thousands of times… ‘Life goes on; be strong and move forward’, ‘What’s done cannot be undone’, and etc. There is nothing much I (or rather others) can do or say to help the situation. It all lies in you. Never let yourself feel ‘guilty’ for trying to put the past behind you, or feel bad about trying to get back to ‘normal’ life. Be more appreciative of what you have and embrace life ahead with hope and love from your loved ones.

    I wish you all the best, Felicia. Both in health and emotion. Stay strong for yourself and those around you.

    Poh Leng

  • Vivienne Quek

    This book speaks simply and powerfully about love, loss and redemption. Nothing is more moving than the love of a mother for a child.

  • Cheryl

    Hi Felicia, i jus read this and hope it encourages u:

    Believe First And You Will See

    Matthew 8:13
    13 … as you have believed, so let it be done for you…

    You may have heard some people say, “How can I believe it when I don’t see it? If I can only see it or feel it, I may just believe that something is happening!”

    The woman with the issue of blood who came to Jesus could have felt the same way. For 12 long years, she had gone from one doctor to another, trying every conceivable cure they could offer. She not only grew worse, but ended up losing all her money to those doctors and their “cures”.

    Then, something happened to her when “she heard about Jesus”. (Mark 5:27) She started believing that He could and would heal her to the extent that she said, “If only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well.” (Mark 5:28) Acting on her belief, she made her way to Jesus and touched His garment. Immediately, her bleeding stopped and she felt in her body that she was healed of that affliction. Jesus, her true physician, also pronounced her healed.

    Beloved, God wants you to know that when you believe Him, you will see your miracle. What you believe Him for, you will receive.

    When a church member lost her wallet at a swimming pool, she prayed together with her husband, declaring their belief that God would restore the loss. One day later, not at the swimming pool but at her feet in the car, she found her wallet! She simply believed that God would restore her loss and she saw the restoration.

    In another case, a lady who had skin cancer wore long sleeves all the time to conceal her condition from others. During one of our church camps, she went forward for prayer, believing God for her healing. After one of our pastors, Pastor Henry, prayed for her, she went back to her room, rolled up her sleeves and saw that all the cancerous scarring on her arms had disappeared! Her doctor later confirmed that she had been cured of skin cancer. She believed God for healing and saw it.

    The world says, “Unless I can see it or feel it, I will not believe it.” But God says, “If you will believe it, you will feel it. Indeed, if you will believe it, you will see it!”

  • Moon Loh

    It touches my heart, it’s very real experience and sharing of course.

  • Chan Siew Lai

    I finished reading. It is good that the book raise the awareness of conceiving and other process related to child delivery. Do u have a Chinese version of the book? So that more readers can be captured or helped. Writing is a healing therapy so is reading. It provides comfort and encouragement to readers who are undergoing the similar situation. It also serve as a reminder to others to always count our blessing and not to take anything especially our children and love ones for granted.

    Finally maybe you can include sketches. Maybe should advise any patient in the situation to go to government hospital like KK. According to my sister-in-law it has more experience for the baby and mum. The facilities is more comprehensive and the bill is heavily subsidized.

    Have a nice day!

  • Christine

    Finished the book and would like to encourage you on your TTCing quest for a baby. While is it so easy for others, some, on the other hand, take a whole lot of effort and endless tears just to have a precious bundle of joy. You are not alone..

    ”Therefore we do not lose heart” 2 Corinthians 4:16

    For I am sure our rainbow babies will come in time.

  • Angie

    Hi, finished reading your book on the train. Shed tears feeling the essence of the love and bond of your family. I’m sure that’s the gift that Dominic and the twins gave to you and your hubby, LOVE and wanting you to share the love to others.

    I trust and pray that God will give you a healthy baby in His divine timing.

    Keep going. Remember we are never given more than what we can handle. The challenges are the faith God has in us. Yes, there are times that I wish He didn’t have so much faith in me, “Why me again?”.

  • Jo

    I came across the mention of this book at a forum and what made me purchase this book was the touching story of a mother’s great love for her child. Though I had never experienced what you had went through but your book moved me to tears.

    Believe in God’s purpose in your life. Let Him guide you and let Him take charge in your life. There are things in life where we want to have it our way but once you let God lead, miracles happen.

    We will never know why Dominic and your twin boys were taken away but rest assured that they are with God right now. 🙂

    Stay strong and take care.

  • Tanja

    Dear Felicia,

    Thank you for sharing your experience in such a personal and honest way. I’m deeply touched by the way how you describe all the ups and downs you went through in first place, the emotional and financial struggles, the support within your family and Dominic’s short life. Sometime, it’s so difficult for those around you to find the right words and very often the power of silence and the fact of being here as a support is already greatly appreciated by those affected. I’m most impressed by the way you gave grief and loss the necessary space and time and managed to re-focus on your future and putting your personal story in such a wonderful book. I’m sure this book will be of great source to support those with a similar experience as well as those being affected directly or indirectly. I will be more than happy to include your book on our recommendation list.

    Wishing you all the strengths and energy to keep looking forward and take one step after the next.

    Tanja Faessler
    Fertility Coach

  • Angel

    I actually found your blog in Mummy’s forum last year. Maybe I should share my experience with you..

    I too, had a lost last year July 2012 when I was 20 weeks pregnant. I was devastated because it came too sudden. I remember on my 20 week gynae check, I was fine, baby was fine everything was fine.. It was a baby girl.. we were delighted.. Baby moving, heartbeat good.. everything good. 5 days later, I went to detail scan and they cannot detect my baby’s heartbeat. My gynae say he cant find anything wrong with me or baby. Even the scan says baby was growing fine till 20 weeks. All her growth and organs, heart, brain all looks fine. My gynae then give me an option to do the surgery at KKH since it’s government subsidies. Supposed to be induce but when the put in pitocine for me twice, my contractions were bad and I went toilet n ‘pop’ baby come out. I am thankful that it’s fast and I did not suffer too much. KKH then did numerous test for me to see if it’s genetic but result came out all nothing. I was puzzled as I can’t see any closure because there’s NO REASON to it.. my gynae just say there’s no reason.. and we should just try again.. I will skip the blaming God and why’s me part..

    Returning back to work was hard for me.. because every one knows i was pregnant and I am back after a month without a belly. I hate questioning looks and pitiful stares.. It’s tough.. really tough.. though my family told me why should I be bothered? I did nothing wrong and I din want that to happen too. But it’s just me..

    I then had a ‘break’ for 2 months.. mini confinement and drink tonics etc to nurture back my health.. After that, we tried again.. N I got pregnant in Sept 2012.. it was our first try.. very shocked and lost.. I decided to change gynae.. Changed to a gynae that my aunts recommended during my first pregnancy but I already seeing the previous one, so did not go to hers. Told the gynae what happened and he suggested doing a blood test called thrombosis test (I think) and result is that my S protein level is low which means I have S protein deficiency and he said this might be the cause as my blood clots easily and may clot the umbilical clot, preventing oxygen and blood from flowing to the baby. He then referred me to a specialist and specialist recommend me daily jabs of flaxiparine to smooth the blood flow. With that he said it’s very safe.. for baby and mother. So yes, I jabbed myself from 9 weeks to 38 weeks and then have C sect because gynae said before surgery I need to stop the jab for 24 hours. Therefore, c sect is more desirable..

    I couldn’t believe that I finally have my baby girl in my arms now.. Throughout my pregnancy I was so paranoid, but thankfully for both of my doctors’ care. I managed to hug my bundle of joy 🙂

    Don’t despair, I hope you too one day will have your own baby again. 🙂


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