Sleep Regression

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Since having a newborn, I have learn a lot of new term, like this – Sleep Regression is the latest that I known. He has been sleeping well throughout the night for quite a while already, waking up only in about 6 hours time to drink milk and back into his dream land. Recently, after his milk, there were times that he didn’t fall back to sleep immediately. At first, it was just a 30 minutes time, slowly from 30 minutes become an hour. And slowly, he didn’t go back to sleep at all and even end up with a big cry, wanting to wake up and play. So initially, we let him send his daddy off work and he dozed off back after an hour. After a few days, he didn’t fall back to sleep even after his daddy went to work!

We got so tired and yet he was so awake with his innocent face. So we have to think of ways to “con” him to sleep. At first, we had to carry him and walked till he literally “drop off” before he allowed us to put him to bed. However, we soon got too tired as well with all the walking early in the morning. So yesterday, I got my hubby to wake up early as well and we push baby on a pram to market. My plan did work, he dozed off quite easily and by the time we were back, he was still sleeping.

So I guess with a newborn baby whereby he will adjust his “patterns” as and when, we as parents also have to react accordingly.


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