Titus @ 4 months

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Titus is growing! Did I not realise, every day passes by day in day out. Suddenly, he can sleep through the night for 8 hours. I was surprised, worried that he might wake up screaming at the top of his lungs for milk, or he needed it just now. We were all ready to jump into action, who’s know, he drank his usual 80ml of milk as previous mornings and dozed off soon again. Did I miss something? Well, he is starting to get into a routine, then again, as I speak, his “pattern” changed again. Also, I am starting to realise if the routine is being upset, the whole day he might be cranky or hard to handle. I guess that is all part of the parenting hood.

It is also not hard to realise he is gaining weight and heavier! He is making more sounds now, all the “ooo”, “ahhh”, not knowing what he is trying to say but sounds nice to hear. Definitly making my parents and parents in laws very happy about it. Also, he is starting to show interest in food.. Another milestone coming, weaning…

Also, did I mention my third book is in the making? Target to launch by year of the year to make this jubilee 50 a blast!

My cheeky face? :p

Cheeky Titus

My mummy is at it again, taking my photo while I stretch. 🙂

Morning Stretch Titus

How do I look? Good pose?

Pose Titus

I look cool? Bad boy look?

Cool Titus

Oops, got caught for licking my fingers…

Finger licking Titus

Mummy’s all time favourite, all the BLUE!!!

Blue Titus

Not to mention, I got BOTAK!

Botak Titus

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  • Eunice LI Dan Yue

    Very nice photo. Titus is indeed a handsome boy!!!!!! 🙂

    What is the name of your third book? Something about parenthood? Do let me know when it is out. I shall head to the bookstore to purchase it, for sure.

  • Felicia

    The title is not confirmed yet but will definitely keep you posted when the book is out. Thanks! 🙂

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