Titus @ 2 months

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A lot of new things that I have learnt over Facebook, motherhood portals and etc. Things like Little One (LO), Colic, Breastfeeding, Milk Booster, a lot of information overload. Likewise, life has been turn almost upside down with the newborn at home. The 24 hours schedule of feedings, trying to get into the routine, determining the amount of milk to feed. When to shower, when to sleep and etc. A lot of considerations, timing issues to co-ordinate and etc. Thankfully, a trip to the PD yesterday gave us the much assurance that much to our worries, sleepless nights, things are moving in the right and positive direction. He is catching up despite he is a preemie.

Baby Titus is now 4.7kgs! Reaching 90% percentile in terms of height, 75% for weight, considered average in overall. All the questions answered, all our worries turn out to be unfounded. Baby Titus is healthy as he should be. So back to more feeding, more changing of diapers and more crying…

This photo is taken when I was changing his diapers after X number of times, but seeing him like this, how to be angry with him?


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  • Huimin

    Cutie cutie, mum’s precious ^_^

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