Titus @ 3 months

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Finally, 1 small milestone. Did times fly? Hmm, maybe not when you are the one going through it day by day? Thankfully, my maid arrived soon enough to help ease the load. So now I have more “me” and baby time, without the need to keep stopping to wash the milk bottles, worry about sterilising my pump kit in time and etc. How about my baby? He is getting more interactive, smiling at people, making all the funny sounds or should I call it noises? Then again, it is always music to my ears isn’t it?

Actually, was it hard to take care of a new born? You bet, the hardest part is to guess what he wanted. Also, you worry is he sick or not feeling comfortable when everything seems wrong. Then again, after trying everything, you are just relieve that it is just one of theses day whereby he is just being cranky and it will soon passed. I think for me, the most time consuming part is breast pumping, when I am up every 4 hours to pump. These are the trying times when I have to “force” myself awake to pump, unable to carry my baby when he is crying his heart out. Then I asked myself, why am I getting myself in such situations each time? However, eact time, when he had the satisfied look after a good breastfeed session, you tell yourself, all is worth it and you will do it again. The bond and the feeling is no where near when you bottle feed him, strangely, but the baby seems to know the difference. However, each time, you are relief, he cried out for milk when being outdoors, you can quickly direct latch him to provide the much need comfort and to satisfy his hunger.

Oops, did I come too near? The cock-eyed look! :p

Cock-eyed Titus

Who is blurping me, let’s me check it out now!

Blurping Titus

The satisfied look after breastfeeding… 🙂

Breastfeeding Titus

The drowsy look, everything looked blur now…

Drowsy Titus

Good morning, I am awake!

Awake Titus

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  • Eunice LI Dan Yue

    Hi Felicia,

    Congrats on your bundle of joy. Must be so proud to be a mom.

    Yesterday, I went to see Prof Choolani, to review my tests results. He found out my issues, as I have slightly elevated levels of NK (natural killer) cells, and also sticky blood caused by genes change mthfr. He has prescribed me with lots of vitamins and calcium tablets etc; then after I consult Dr Sheila on Oct 20 morning, at 10:30 a.m. I can then try again. She probably will put me on steroids. Professor has told me all the extra support that I need to stay pregnant next time, and he is hopeful of my case.

    I trust that with him, I am in good hands. And hopefully some time next year, just like you, I will be a proud mom too. 🙂

    So glad that I have consulted Prof Choolani.

  • Felicia

    Thanks for sharing, indeed it is not an easy journey for us and we treasure it more when we have our bundle of joy. Also, I believe you are in good hands too. Look forward to see you sharing the good news with us… 🙂

  • Daphne

    Chubby chubby! Well fed oh ^_^

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