First time… Prayer

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For the first time, I actually wanted to pray for someone face to face. In fact, I couldn’t wait… Normally, I will pray for people over a handphone message so that I can think it through and to script the message well. However, this time I felt the prompting, I procrastinate, delay and decided, I need to do this. It is not easy for me but I felt the need and urgency to do so…

I was inspired by Elyse-Anne who always proclaim God in her business and declare her faith openly. Here I am, doing my own things and not praying for God’s blessing to people in need. I guess that’s why I start my new business – Art Of Life. Hopefully, I can be a blessing to many others there who may be still trying…

Also, for those out there who have been reading my blog silently. My prayers to you is that whatever your challenges may be, seek help from our Almighty God. In Him, you can find peace and strength. Amen!

Lastly for the friend that I spoke to just now. I sincerely hope that, you can receive the gift and blessing, just as what I mentioned in my third book title – A Gift From Heaven. 🙂


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