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This morning I woke up to go through my usual routine only this time I was being informed that I was featured in ST by my friend and sister. I asked my friend did she mean ST as in Straits Times and she did and took a picture of it to show me. In fact, besides the printed hard copy, the online version of ST and also on Facebook post. Soon, friends were sharing the article even before I read it. So I quickly went to get a copy of the newspaper and Young Parents magazine. Also, I was searching for the Facebook post by ST when my friend tag me to it. :p

I guess I am not so much of an online reader after all. Not only that, soon, everyone was sharing and posting online and it quickly went viral. Actually I attended a workshop not too long ago about social media and to put yourself on the limelight. I came to a conclusion that I don’t want to be famous in fact all I wanted is just to spread the message and to share the story. However, it is also true that it come with a package. Only when you are famous then more people can get to hear the message and therefore to learn about your story. Anyway all I hope was that with all this publicity, it can come to a good cause and to help someone out there…

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