Booktique (Where Writers Shop) Book Fair

 In Lost And Found, To Baby With Love

I got to know Anthony when he was doing a book fair some time back. He founded Booktique with an aim, to sell books to writers in mind. This is definitely a new idea and unavailable in the market yet. However, the question is there a market? I believe a lot of people will surely ask that. Then again, does that mean a dream or passion that you have must be a big business idea that generate millions of sales? What if we had a dream that doesn’t sell but we still want to pursue it? I am not referring to that of Booktique because you never know, he might be the next big boss and by then, I am just happy that I knew him before he got successful. 🙂

Anyway, he is going to do a book fair soon on 28th November 2013 at The Arts House from 7-10pm. Do visit him and give his support if you can. Also, my books – To Baby With Love & Lost And Found will be there too. 🙂


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