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It’s has been a while, these few days I had a lot of reflections. Probably because year end is coming soon, as I looked back on what had happened and what to improve on. I had lost 5 kgs to date since august, targeting for 2 kgs per month. Last month, I failed to lose 2 kgs but only 1 kg due to a family holiday trip to Bangkok. Yesterday, I went for a schedule health check in Raffles Hospital and was told that my fat percentage is 40%. I asked the nurse what is the normal average and she said is about 20%-27%, means I have more to lose!! Anyway, I will work harder this month to lose that 1 kg and more.

Also, I went to visit Dominic yesterday, it was his 2 year old birthday if he was still alive. How time flies…

How about the rest of you? Are you working to your goal or target?

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