A New Journey

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A new journey, a new beginning for me… I asked God for opening of new opportunities. 2 presented itself. I asked to meet both, one couldn’t make it on the same week. In fact, she can’t make it for 2 weeks concurrently, I take it as God closed the door for me. So I move forward, on the 3rd week, she got back and we met eventually. Throughout the conversation, I realise this isn’t the right door for me and was thankful. Having said so, it is always nice to catch up with good friends.

Fast forward ahead, the journey has been exciting so far, many new challenges. My negotiation skills are being challenged, my boldness, courageous to take the leap of faith. In fact, I come to realise why am I here, a lot of wrong beliefs unfold. I see that God is moulding me, day by day, bit by bit and is thankful.

I hope moving forward is a beautiful beginning and a sweet ending to see the light of the tunnel. I know it because I can see it, feel it and smell it…


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