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When we were watching this Broadcast Life Conference, we were all in “Circuit Breaker” mode at home. This didn’t stop us from our determination to hear from our Heavenly Father up above. The first day was technical nightmares and we could not watch it over the living stream. However, everyone in my Connect Group kept cool, no one was complaining, and we just waited for the updates.

From second day onwards, the live stream started, despite some hiccups but it went well generally. The life conference makes up of different topics, some were lighthearted, some were of their journey.

Bloom my Room

It reflected our lives isn’t it, a life full of ups and downs too. What surprised me though was I watched through the whole presentation by Pastor Wendy Ong about “Bloom my Room” with my son despite I don’t even like flowers. It was refreshing though, and my son liked flowers. Also the showcase by Pastor David Sashi on his family altar, worshipping God, giving thanks. There are times when all his 3 daughters just sing along or kept quiet while praying and etc. Of course, how to manage when they were not paying attention.

Also the “Glimpse into Israel Pilgrimage” by Pastor David Chng & Dr Joseph Tan was a good introduction when we joined the tour to Israel on what you will see and visit.

Western Wall

Also the session on “Parenting our Kids in a World of Confusion”, what Pastor Danny Leong said – Build a life of faith, hope and love! Simple yet impactful on how to apply it…

The many sessions over the 5 days of the Broadcast Life Conference, I believe it was not easy to put together with everyone working from home. The commitment level to get this out, the technical difficulties and etc. Still the team pulled through, God helped them pull through. I was touched when the last day of the conference ended with the song – Over All. Indeed it was heart warming to see all the pastors singing and put together in sync! Indeed God is Over All…

Catch up now at Trinity Broadcast –

Also read about the behind the scenes on the making of the “Over All” music video –

Last but not least the song, Over All

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