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An interesting show. I wanted to write a blog post for it for the longest time until now.. Few reasons being, it is closed to my heart, yes, my code back in the pager era is number 22. Coincidence or not, up to you to decide. Recently, I went into a new phase of my business stepping into a new environment without much consideration. Yes, God lead me into it so I just obey or at least try to obey. Not knowing what to do, I learn along the way, believing that I can make a difference. Along the way, I realise is God wanting to “mould” me in the process. A better me, a renew me.

I was being reminded of my past, my miscarriages and etc. How I have changed along the way from young till now, God reminded the “old” me before I miscarriage and before all things came crashing down. The confidence and loud me that I used to be, yes, I am loud in case you didn’t realise, then you probably didn’t see the true me… Haha 😊 My Connect Group (CG) members noticed the difference and were talking about it even to the extent of questioning are they talking about the same person which doesn’t sound like me… Lol

I guess we changed along the way, in the different stages of life and milestone that we went through. For me, I mellow a lot along the way since my son is born. Adopting a learning heart, I seek to know new knowledge on how to take care of my child. Learning on everything but not on paying forward, not in return to help someone else? Does it make sense? I am so absorbed in me, myself and my family that everyone else doesn’t matter till God opened my eyes to see my surrounding.

Putting myself into a new environment, I seek to talk to my friends and found out of the many challenges that they were in. On 1 hand, I am upset how things can turn or go the wrong way, on the other hand, I ask myself, where am I when my friend needed me?

Of course, we can justify ourselves to say I am just a phone call away and etc. Anyway, you get my point. So what is my point in all these? I guess life is a constant rediscovery of yourself, a new you that is waiting for you to explore. As to is it going to be a better version of yourself of not is really up to you on how you want it to be… Last but not least, I hope that we can all live life to the fullest and not to regrets as all of us have limited time on this planet!

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