Covid Year – 2020

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This year is supposed to be a year of new work flow, new direction. However, with covid, I think it derailed a lot of our plans unexpectedly. It caught us by surprise also forcing us to change out of our comfort zone. Not by choice but that is how life goes. The reminder again of the only thing constant is CHANGE.

Since the start of the circuit breaker, my plan was just to stay home and have some bonding time to play with my son, Titus, full stop. Then again, I also had a lot of dialogues with God. He reminded me of how I want to exercise but never seems to have time for it. So I started during this time gradually from one time per week to 2, 3 times per week.

Then came phase 2, I was happy to be out running around but also recognised that I might be back to my vicious cycle again. I had lost 3kgs by then in about 3 months time. Not a lot but I was worried that I might bounce back. So happen at this time, my friend, Joanne asked to meet me. I have known her for more than 10 years already despite I didn’t say it but yes, that is how long I have known her. She is one of my 斯文friend that I had, nice, clean and always smiley, so not hard to guess why I kept in touch with her all this while right? 😊 Not to mention, she used to be principal for a private childcare school, all the more being first time mummy, I think I can learn a tip or two from her (secret agenda).

It was at this time that she talked to me again on her weight management program. She had been talking to me for the past 3 years, maybe? However, this time, I was seriously considering it, as I didn’t want to gain back the 3 kgs that I had lost. Also, I had never weight below 60kgs on my own effort, I knew that I needed external help.

Fast forward, I embarked on the program and also ask God to open doors for me and He did. The journey had been nothing short of amazing to date. God showed me through the new business opportunity how my limiting mindset and smashed it again and again.

Also, it opened my eyes to my surrounding friends to how unhealthy or unaware that they might be. Armed with a new mission, I hope to help people around me and likewise brings the message of love and hope to people that I meet.

As the year draws to a close, what is it that is inside your heart that keep you moving and motivated on a daily basis?

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