A New Journey, A New Milestone

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I am never the type of person to go for awards, competition or whatsoever. However, this time, I decided to challenge myself to go further and to push my limits. Neither am I a person to set a time frame for a specific goal as well. So I am very happy that I pushed through against the odds. I want breakthrough for myself!

During this journey, there is a lot of tears, sweat and even fear, however to forge forward or to give up. I choose to march on. I am thankful for the team support backend, I can only imagine the many discussions they had because of me. I am a tough nut to crack!

However, at the end of the day, what is my end goals? What do I want for my life? I don’t want to give up, neither to live a simple life. I want an extraordinary life and that required extraordinary courage!


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