4 Months and Counting…

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It has been 4 months already so far. From november till now, I probably slept the most in my entire life. I slept through christmas, new year day. My schedule over the weekend are mainly eat, sleep, eat, sleep again. Even if I go church on sun, I will be back for a nap before I stepped out of the house again. However, quite strangely, recently, 3 different aunts from my coffeeshop downstairs asked me about my pregnancy. I guess my tummy is indeed getting bigger to be notice. Instead of choosing to believe they are nosy people, I choose to believe they care and concern for me. One asked me about how many months already, another asked me when I am due and lastly, one literally told me how to sit.. Yes, you heard me right, how to sit properly. Hah!

So how has it been so far? For now, my baby is doing well, the right size and growing. My blood sugar is on the low side on the average so there is no need to start insulin for the time being. Likewise, we have been checking for any signs of bacteria each time we visited the gynae but I sailed pass all checks till date. Also, not forgetting to check on my cervix where the gynae said it was nice and long with normal being >2.5cm, mine is 3.2cm.

With all checks in place and monitoring mood, I guess the rest I can only leave it to God. I just stay cool, calm and peaceful about it. Well, I guess this is the time for me to exercise my faith and see how much I have learnt for the past 2 years too…

Faith in Action (NIV)
Hebrews 11:1

11 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Not forgetting my hubby who is with me step by step at a time.

Step by Step

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  • Bee Kim

    Wish you success. Just lie down as much as possible.

  • Felicia

    Whoa, nice seeing you here. Thanks! 🙂

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