Love Letter to Jesus

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It seems ages that I haven’t been writing, despite the last blog post was in January. I have a lot to write about but don’t know which one to start first. Then again, in my cell group, I got a very nice topic to start my February blog post and a “Valentine Gift” to Jesus – Love Letter to Jesus. Anyway here it goes…
Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for the wonderful gift of miracle. May you continue to guide me and be my beacon of light. Saved my loved ones and to let them know you loved them dearly too. Of all the challenges that I maybe facing now or in times to come, I know you are training and moulding me to be more like you.

Likewise, helped the friends around me. Let them have the faith and confidence to put their trust into your hands. Let them renew their strength in you. Continue to walk with you and to know that you are our loving father, our mighty God and all things are possible with you and through you.

I also prayed that during this time you keep me and my baby safe. Shield us from any virus or bacteria attack. Keep my body strong to hold my baby to full term. Have a smooth and painless delivery to give birth to a healthy baby to be a proud testimonty for you.

Lastly, I also prayed that you keep my hubby calm and peaceful to know that I am in good hands, in your hands! I prayed that he will feel your presence to know that you have everything plan out for us already. In Jesus name, I prayed. Amen!!
Lastly, today being a special day but I want to wish you “Happy Friendship Day!”. 🙂


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