Missions Rally 2015

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So touched by God last night, I thought I had attended a few mission rally nights before already. Yet this time the worship were sang in different languages, so nice to see people coming from 31 different countries to be exact, different languages and cultures coming together to worship the 1 true God.

Last night sharing was by Rev Dikran Salbashian from Jordan. Despite a short night, he showed the other side of the Middle East with a humour. Despite facing death or bomb threats, they went out doing what they do every day. What we saw on the tv or news may be true but the other side of the story is close to 2 millions had already accepted Christ. Praise Lord, so encouraging. The miracles, healings that he shared were powerful and amazing. It showed just how God showed his might even in difficult and challenging situations. They are not being forgotten. Here we are so fortunate, yet always complaining and whining when given a choice.

Missions Rally 2015

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