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Writing an essay is never easy for me, let alone a book. I always barely hit the minium count of words. Therefore when I wanted to write a book for my baby, it was hardly easy for me at all. First, I wasn’t even near the word count, it needed to be 30k words, I only hit 13k. I always tend to say or explain things in brief rather than describing it in details. With a book, you are suppose to elaborate on the thought or idea. Words is all you can use to illustrate or create that vision that you wanted to say. Luckily for me, I have my publisher for help to count on. With him, we managed to hit a more decent words count. Likewise, a more suitable title created and to better explain my emotions. To give honour and pride to my baby and to be proud of him.

Writing the book is hard enough, to create the design and layout of the book is even worse. You go through the emotions again, you feel like crying every time you do it. You wanted everything to look at its best, you wanted to put everything that you like to be inside. However, what you like is 1 thing, what is suitable or not is another. Anyway, most of the things are already set and done. We are just finishing the last touch to be printed and launched soon…

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