What is your Prized Possession?

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Normally at beginning of the year, I will ask what is your new year resolution? However, this time, I like to ask what is considered your prized possession so far? Have you already got it or still trying to achieve it? Previously if you have asked me, I will say is going to be a BMW or Audi. However now after going through 2011, I will say to create life and have a baby will be my prize possession. Why do I say that? You can own a BMW anytime, if you work hard for it, it depends on how determine you are to get it. However, you can also lost it due to a car accident or sell it off after years. On the other hand, to have a baby is to own someone’s life with a bond between you and the baby is entirely different. No matter at what part of your life, the baby’s life is yours to care for till you die perhaps. So if you ask me, this is what I hope to achieve for this year. To fulfill that, I will build my health back, work my way to it.

Have you got your prized possession already?

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  • Daphne

    U r right, build up your health first 🙂

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