Titus @ 8 months

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Today he is at 8 months officially. He is growing surely, to others it seems fast, to me it seems slow. Now he can flips easily, sits for long but still trying hard to crawl. How cute is that. He is into his daily routine as well however with some hiccups occasionally. I see the difference as I watch my son and my niece grow up. Both are cute but being a girl just has the additional “sweetness” overload. Well, I guess being the girl just has the priviledge.

Titus 1st CNY, not forgetting to take some photos before we start the rest of the day. 🙂

Titus 1st CNY

We concluded the day by going to Waterway Point. Titus is so memorised by the waterfall feature…

Waterway Point

Just awoke and I got caught on camera. :p

Just awake

I must try my new teething ring…

New Toy

Ok, mummy is at it again, I must pose.

Titus posing

Mummy said she must capture me with this romper. I think you should know why…

Titus Romper

Oh and this romper too. 🙂

Titus Mummy Romper

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