Titus @ 7 months

 In Love & Family, Titus Low

Whoa, another milestone. Now he can sit for hmm… 10sec? Better than nothing. Also, he is trying to crawl, with his backside up high. Can’t wait to see many more milestones… 🙂

Thanks Aunt Yvonne for the Polo Ralph Romper, now I have matching clothing with mummy. 🙂

Polo Ralph Titus

Trying out the baba sling. :p

Pee a boo Titus

Daddy has a try too.

Koala Titus

Trying hard to crawl…

Crawling Titus

Daddy brought us to see private airjets in some ulu place…

Titus Outdoor

See, I am sitting down.

Sit Titus

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