My Special Birthday

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For the third year running, I am going back to Bakerinz at Vivocity for my birthday lunch. However, this year is slightly different, I am going back with a new family member, that is my baby Titus. Yeah!! Though simple affair, but I like it, blissful and happy. I thanks God for this special day and may there be many special moments to come in the near future as well.

Titus seems to be in a good mood as well, smiling in his sleep before we went out. First we took quick photos before baby dozed off for his afternoon nap. Then we managed to walk around a bit before he woke up for his milk, followed by the usual routine of change diaper… :p

Our Family Photo

Family Photo

Daddy, I am falling off soon…

Titus with Daddy

Sorry, mummy, I am tired already, sleepy. Zzz

Titus with Mummy

See my pose while I am changing diaper. 🙂

Diaper Change Take 1

Change diaper again because I just shit!

Diaper Change Take 2

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  • Daphne

    Soooo cute!~
    Happy Family!

  • Felicia

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Eunice LI Dan Yue

    Nice birthday present this year. 🙂 Wish I will have my birthday present in the near future, if not next year.

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